Synergia Sciences Pvt Ltd

Company Name: Synergia Sciences Pvt Ltd
Group :
Address: Corp Office
339, Kerala Nalsarovar Road
Village Kerala,
City: Adroda Bavla Ahmedabad Gujarat
Tel: +91-(2714)-304103
Mktg-Email : [email protected]
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About the Company :

Synergia Sciences Pvt. Ltd. offers transfluthrin, prallethrin, and imiprothrin. They specialize in manufacturing insecticide ingredients. They develop synthetic routes, particularly for chirally pure molecules. It is fully recognized that chirally pure HHI have enhanced biological activity and reduced toxicity. Technologies to prepare chirally pure molecules are well developed in pharmaceutical industry.


Dhairya Bhardwaj – Asst. Gen. Mgr

Other Office Address
Corp Office 339, Kerala Nalsarovar Road Village Kerala, Adroda Bavla Ahmedabad Gujarat +91-(2714)-304103


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  1. Dear sir I need transfluthrin technical 97% for mosquito killing.
    I am a trader of this product in Kolkata.My company name is Tara Maa Agarbatti Company.

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