Acid Production in India

Acids are multipurpose raw material used in several application of industry. They are used as key raw material in various chemical production process apart from paper, metal and food processing industry. Sulphuric and Nitric acids is widely used in production of fertilizers of ammonium sulphate and nitrates.

Other uses include in production of zinc sulphate and copper sulphate. Some of the acids are also used as rocket fuel.

Currently, India has around 140 sulphuric acid plants with a capacity of 12 million tonnes. Hydrochloric acid is primarily produced as by-product of various chemicals and only 5% of the same is being produced as primary product.

Abscicic acid : It is an plant growth inhibitor. It is synthesized by plant roots. It is also present in seeds. It is an important control chemical which regulates the leaf lives and other in response to environment. Since being a plant hormone. It is a laboratory made chemical and is widely produced by many labs. – Molecular formula: C15H20O4

Adipic acid : This acid is a key component of nylon production. It is a widely known dicarboxylic acid. It is also used as a food additive as a flavourant or gelling aid. Overall 250 million tonnes of Adipic acid is produced in the world. It is produced by cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol called KA oil, the abbreviation of ketone-alcohol oil.
This acid is also available in nature in low quantities in beets.

Manufacturer in India : –  Karnataka Aromas

Sulfamic Acid – which is also known as amidosulphonic/amidosulphuric acid or sulphamidic acid produces sulfamates. Industrially, the sulfamic acid is produced by treating Sulphur-di-oxide with urea. This acid has wide applications like pharma, cleaning agent as remover of limescales and rust. Sulfamic acid is recommended compared to HCl as it is more safe.

However, if it gets mixed with bleaching agent, it will produce chlorine gas, which is a hazard. Other Industry applications include – dyes and pigments, herbicides, fire extinguisher and as a chloride stabilizer. The product is available in bags as a powder. It can be converted to acid with plain water to prepare acid applications.

Manufacturer in India : –

Advent Chembio Pvt Ltd
Guljag Industries Ltd
Vivan Industries

Aminotris methylenephosphonic Acid : Aminotris methylenephosphonic acid also known as (ATMP) can be synthesized from Urea. The chemical is used as anti-scalant. It is widely used as water treatment chemical in many industries because of good chemical stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed in water system. At high concentration, it has good corrosion inhibition.
AVA Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Anthranilic Acid : Anthranilic acid is an amino acid, which was once considered as an essential vitamin. Now, it more used as an aromatic chemical and as an intermediate used in production of blue dyes and saccharin. It is industrially produced by phthalic anhydride.

There are trials to use this acid as mosquito repellant as well. It may be noted that, Fenamic acid is a derivative of Anthranilic acid is used in NSAID drugs
In India, it is produced by
Ishita Industries
Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd

Arachidic Acid :Arachidic acid is a as a fatty acid which is also available in fish, peanut butter and vegetable oils. The acid is used in production of detergents/surfactants, photographic materials and lubricants.

Few producers in India are : –

Acme Synthetic Chemicals
Progress Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Behenic Acid : Behenic acid – is a carboxylic acid also known as Docosanoic acid. It is a long-chain saturated fatty acid which is used as a hair conditioners and moisturizers in cosmetic products. Naturally, this product is available from Moringa trees. This acid is also used as a lubricating agent, anti-foaming agent in detergents, floor polishes and dripless candles.
Producers in India.

Tokyo Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd

Benzenesulphonic Acid

Benzenesulphonic acid is a water soluble produced from sulphonation of benzene with concentration of sulphuric acid. The acid is used as an aromatic compound and is also used as active ingredient in laundry detergent used in clothes washing machines.

Few Producers in India
Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co Ltd
Stratechem India Pvt Ltd

Benzoic Acid

Benzoic acid is an aromatic chemical which was used as preservative in early days. It is produced with partial oxidation of toluene with oxygen. In nature, benzoic acid occurs naturally as do its esters in many plant and animal species. It can also be produced from dry distillation of gum.
Few Producers of this acid
Canton Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd
Karnataka Aromas

Fumaric Acid

Fumaric Acid is a natural acid widely available in nature known as fumarates in mushrooms. Our human body produces this furmaic acid when we are exposed to sunlight.
Uses: The acid is used as food additives in baking powder and also as a substitute of tartaric acid. It is also used in production of polyester resins for dyes.
Ferro Chem Industries

Boric Acid

Boric acid which is commonly known as anti-septic and is used in dressing of wounds. It has other properties like flame retardant, neutron absorber etc., When occurring as a mineral, it is called sassolite in many volcano salts.

In industry, boric acid is produced boric acid is in the manufacture of monofilament fiberglass usually referred to as textile fiberglass. It is also used in glass which is used in production of circuit boards to LCD screens.

Few Producers in India
Fluobar India Pvt Ltd
Alligo Horizon Pvt Ltd
R L Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd
SIP Chemical Industries

Bromic Acid

Bromic acid is also known as Hydrogen Bromate is primarly used in production of dyes. It is used as an oxidation agent.

Advent Chembio Pvt Ltd
Dhruv Chem Industries
Mody Chemi Pharma Pvt Ltd

Capric Acid

Capric acid also known as Decanoic acid is widely used as an aromatic chemical. It is available in nature in palm oil and coconut oil. It is also found in milk of mammals. The acid can be produced from oxidation of primary alcohol decanol by using chromium trioxide (CrO3) oxidant under acidic conditions.

The Capric acid is used in production of artificial fruit flavours and perfumes. It is used in organic synthesis and industrially in the manufacture of perfumes, lubricants, greases, rubber, dyes, plastics, food additives.
Triveni Chemicals

Caproic Acid

Caproic acid also known as Hexanoic acid – is another acid, which is used as a flavouring chemical. It is found in nature in milk of mammals and other animal fatty acids. This acid is also used in production of vanilla flavour.
Alpha Chemika

Caprylic Acid

Caprylic acid also known as Octanoic acid is a saturated fatty acid, used as an aromatic chemical. It is widely used as an sanitizer or as a disinfectant in food industries. In healthcare, the acid is also used as dietary supplement to aid weight loss with inconclusive results.
NRS Chemicals LLP

Carbolic Acid

Carbolic acid –popularly known as phenol is a weak acid. Currently, it widely produced by HockProcess. Since it is an inexpensive chemical, it has wide uses in production of plastics, paint strippers, cosmetics etc.,
Prasol Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Lasons India Pvt Ltd

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is a widely known industrial chemical. It is also found in our body as a digestive agent. In domestic use, it is used as cleaning agent, descalant. In food industry it is used in as a food additive. In metallurgy it is a used as a refining chemical.

Industrial production of hydrochloric acid is made by dissolving hydrogen chloride in water. However, it is mostly produced as a by-product in production of other chemicals.

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd
Pinnacle Cholorchem Pvt Ltd

Cinnamic Acid

Cinnamic acid is an aromatic chemical which is used in perfume industry as methyl cinnamate, benzyl cinnamate etc., The acid is also found in nature in oils of cinnamom and shea butter.
Artificialy, this acid is produced by condensation of acetyl chloride and benzaldehyde, followed by hydrolysis of the acid chloride product which are used in dyes and dye intermediates.
Universal Esters Ltd

Citric Acid

Citric acid, widely known acid is a weak acid and is available in plenty in citrus fruits. It is also one of the acid which are produced in largest quantity every year. There are various methods used for industrial production of citric acid.

The citric acid is used in food industry in beverages,bakery products, confectioneries and candies. It is also used as a cleaning agenet to reduce limescale as well as in detergents because of this property.

Poly Pharm Pvt Ltd
Kronox Lab Sciences
Harnik General Foods Pvt Ltd

Crotonic Acid

Crotonic acid is an unsaturated carboxylic acid and is soluble in water and organic solvents. This acid is widely used as a comonomer with vinyl acetate in production of adhesives and paints.

VGS Synthesis Pvt Ltd

Dehydroacetic Acid

Dehydroacetic acid is a widely used chemical which finds applications in food industry, pesticides, resins and also in toothpaste. The acid is classified as pyrone derivative.
Salicylates And Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Edetic Acid

Edetic acid also known as Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is an industrial chemical used in descaling and hardness remover, also finds application in textile, paper and pulp, pharma and dentist chemicals. In industry, it is popularly known as EDTA.
There are some concerns regarding this chemical, as its biodegradability is very slow and is considered as one of significant pollutants in sewage.
AVA Chemicals Pvt Ltd
C Max Bio Sciences

Enanthic Acid

Enanthic acid also known as Heptanoic acid is a chemical used in production of esters, which are used in fragrances. The acid is also used in production of steroids like testosterone enanthate, trenbolone enanthate, drostanolone enanthate, and methenolone enanthate .
Acme Synthetic Chemicals
Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem Pvt Ltd

Erucic Acid

Erucic acid is a naturally occurring acid in edible oil seeds like mustard seeds, rapeseeds etc., The acid is used as a mineral oil and as a lubricant or surfactants.
Indian Oxalate Ltd
Acme Synthetic Chemicals

Erythorbic acid

Erythorbic acid is a sodium salt -food preservative and an approved FDA chemical which finds application as antimicrobial agent , antioxidant or pickling agent, flavor enhancer, flavoring agent.

Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid is widely known acid present in lot of fruits and vegetables as calcium oxalate. In industry, oxalic acid is used as a binding agent in dyes. It is also used in metallurgy as a refining chemical. Some other special uses include in bee farming, tooth whitening etc.,
Canton Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Advent Chembio Pvt Ltd

Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid also known as Ethanoic acid is known as Vinegar (4% of Acetic with water is known as Vinegar). It is a weak acid with a sour taste and pungent smell. It is domestic chemical used in cleaning, descaling and also a pickling agent in domestic food. Globally around 6.5 million tonnes of acetic acid is produced. It is produced through bio fermentation as well as in synthetic process.

Farmson Analgesics
Memba Chem Industries Pvt Ltd

Fluoroboric Acid

Fluoroboric acid is a corrosive acid used in manufacture of fluoroborate salts. It is used in production of fire retardant chemicals and in production of fluoroborate salts.
Fengyuan India Pvt Ltd

Fluorosilicic Acid

Fluorosilicic acid also known as Hexafluorosilicic acid is a pre cursor chemical of synthetic cryolite which is used in metallurgy. It is mainly used in aluminium processing as well as in lead refining. Hexafluorosilicic acid and the salts are used as wood preservation agents.

Formic Acid

Formic acid is a widely used chemical as preservative and as an anti microbial agent. It is used in preservation of animal feeds industry, fermentation industry. It is also used as leather treating chemical. A modern use of formic acid is its used in fuel cell industry.
Rashtriya Chemicals Fertilizers Ltd


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Creative Pharmachem

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Fengyuan India Pvt Ltd

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Fluobor India Pvt Ltd

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Ishita Industries

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