Indian Polymer Industry-Overview

Indian Polymer industry is one of the largest in terms of providing employment with 4 million people employed over 30000 units. It has been growing over 15% for the last 10 years with production reaching 9.5 million tonnes. Some of the leading Indian companies are Finolex, Plastibends and foreign players include BASF Styrenics, Bayer ABS, LG Polymers, Clariant, DSM, Dupont, GE Plastics and Dow Corning. Exports in the plastic sector continues to grow at 30% CAGR. The per capita consumption of plastics in India at low 9.7 kg as compared to 109 kg in USA, 45 kg in China and 32 kg in a Brazil.

The polymer industry has invested around $5 billion over the last few years and with projected investment expected to reach $24 billion market.


List of Polymer Manufacturers in India


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